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What happens when you are overwhelmed with choices and shut down. Because making a decision and opening one of the many closed doors is scary.  Because picking one means good or bad the ideas behind the other doors end.  You can’t reverse a decision.

So, we procrastinate.  We turn towards indecision and inaction as our comforts.  It’s easier.  So much easier than making a decision.  So much easier than acting.  But, in the end, such a sad, lonely place as your life waits for you to make up your mind.

Goodbye, Inaction.  You won’t be missed.

Hello, Action - treat me kindly.  I’m reaching towards the handle…

Statements for 2010

  1. I am a marketer and connector.
  2. I have a fulfilling career doing the things I love.
  3. I am surrounded by friends that motivate and inspire me.
  4. I am 115.
  5. I am a swimmer; swimming gives me peace and perspective.
  6. I have a second income doing something I love.
  7. I travel and experience new things, places and people.
  8. I am open to friendships and romance.
  9. I am a blogger that creates meaningful content about topics I enjoy.
  10. I am an active leader in my community
  11. I establish beneficial and meaningful relationships with others in my field.
  12. I am an active student of social media, personal branding and marketing and love to share my knowledge with others.
  13. I have plenty of time to complete my responsibilities and enjoy life.
  14. I am living a healthy lifestyle with a new appreciation for food.
  15. I willingly embrace change and forgive myself for failures.

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjust the sails
William Arthur Ward (via alemarrr)


The thought of failure terrifies me.  All my life I have been taught to be the best - the first time around.  There is no try - just doing.  And, it better freaking be the best otherwise all your effort is wasted.

Most of that pressure comes from me internally.  I conjure these ideas that everyone else around me will judge me, think less of me and not like me if I don’t win.  It probably stems from some psychological need for attention and praise.  Don’t know.  Whatever it is - my ridiculous quest for perfection has caused me to restrict myself and not enjoy the little moments.  Every new task feels like a test.  I get that same tense, no nonsense, slightly panicky feeling when trying out new things as I do when taking a major life changing test.  The little things are hard to enjoy when you’re wound up like that.

To avoid that horrible feeling of defeat and self-loathing (I really, really DON’T take failure well), I’ve learned to play it safe and only risk myself when I have a good shot of winning or doing well.  It’s lead to a superficially successful and somewhat unextraordinary life. I’ve realized by being afraid of failure - I’m failing at something far more consequential than all of my fears put together.  I’m failing at enjoying life to its fullest.

In that vein, I will strive to take risks and shoo away those crippling fears.  I’ll stop holding back.  I’ll get out of my comfort zone.  And, I will forgive myself if I fail.

Because, not trying is the biggest failure of all.

These represent safety, because if you don’t challenge the status quo, you can’t be made fun of, can’t fail, can’t be laughed at. And so the resistance looks for ways to appear busy while not actually doing anything.

"What progress, you ask, have I made? I have begun to be a friend to myself."
Hecato, Greek philosopher